Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why I will always be a Liberal

For the most part, I have been quiet about this election. My stances have been well established on here throughout the years. This election has been truly brutal. It felt and still feels like a civil war took place. I will never apologize for my beliefs but I would like for you to understand why I take these stands. Maybe if more people opened up like this, we can truly understand each other so here goes.

First off, let's clarify this off the bat. Democrats don't want to take your guns, force you to believe in Gay marriage, think our government wants to give everything away to everyone for free, and believe all Trump supporters are racist.

Guns are a fundamental right in this country. The issue we have with guns is we want to stop the violence with guns. Restricting sales of guns to certain groups makes sense. I don't want someone that is restricted from getting on a plane to own a gun. Too many loopholes exist and too few stolen guns that then get used in crimes are used. Punishments by gun owners that "lose" these guns need. A background check needs to be done by everyone before they own a gun. If I have to have a license to drive a car, why can't this simple task be done for every gun exchanged?

I will always side on the side of equality and fairness. I am a white, straight male. I am privileged. I have opportunities afforded to me that no other class in this country has. That is not right. Anyone who is of color, non-heterosexual orientation, or non-Christian should have the exact same rights as me.

We, whites, have long claimed to people of color that they have the same rights. They don't. Granted, perhaps the "race" card, at times may be played once too often. But I don't live it. I am not Black or Middle Eastern. Since Trump was elected, racism has risen to the surface. We can't deny that. Anyone living in this country should not have to worry about looking over their shoulder, but they do now, more than ever. This is not right and the current President-elect is not doing anything to squash it. This really bothers me. "Make America Great Again" means to me "Make America White Again".

I understand that the main thrust of what got him elected was the economy. But if you aren't denouncing the blatant racism that comes with it, you are part of the problem as well. Are we truly this racist? That is a big part of why I am a liberal.

Gay marriage is the law of the land. You may not agree with it and that is fine, but you can't discriminate against it. Our country was created built upon freedom especially religious freedom. Look at our Founding Fathers' religious background. John Adams wrote :"The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion." That is the country that was created. Discriminating someone under the guise of religious beliefs is still discrimination. If you believe in Jesus, it is up to the sinner to repent, is it not? If you think being gay is a sin, isn't up to the sinner to address their sins. It is not up to you to judge, but God, right? That is why I am Liberal. I will vote for people that who feel the same way. Equal rights means equal for all, not the ones that are just Christian, straight and white.

Democrats biggest shortcoming right now are the economic issues. After the 80's, when the knees got kicked out of the unions, Democrats needed a new base to build upon. (Bill) Clinton Democrats forged alliances with Wall Street and thought globalization would create a broader prosperity to the working class. When in hindsight, it did just the opposite. My party needs to do some soul searching. Rank and file workers were the bread and butter of the party. The party needs to re-evaluate and turn towards appealing to this group again.

Now, more than ever, a larger portion of working aged people are on disability. That coal miner that can't pick up an chipping axe anymore or the tool and die worker that can't grip the tools are out there that can't get jobs and are forced to take disability because jobs that are easier (physically) are not available to them because they can't be retrained, nor do they want a minimum wage at Walmart as a greeter.

The fact is that the wealthy are getting richer and are keeping their wealth more than any other modern time. They are not investing it downward. Trickle down economics isn't working. Wages have been stagnant for a decade, but their wealth continues to grow. The disparity is mind blowing. I cringe when I hear the term "redistribution of wealth." What the real issue is that we truly need the people with money to invest in this country. We need them to create jobs, to create opportunities for all to move ahead. That isn't happening.

Tax laws need to be changed. I agree corporate tax rates are high, but at the same time many industries are on our welfare, sucking at the government teet. End those subsidies and the loopholes at the same time you lower the tax rates. Give them an incentive to stay here. Create a disincentive for them to move.

The main difference between the Dems and GOP is the Dems want to provide a safety net to those that need help. Republicans want to do the same, but for large corporations. GOP wants us to provide welfare to corporations which we do. I am not made that Trump didn't pay taxes. I am made that we have a system in place that enables that to occur. How can you not be made about that? How much did you pay in taxes last year?  

The one thing I don't get is the GOP movement on voter fraud. Over the past 6 years, a movement (still wonder what billionaire has pushed this agenda) to combat voter fraud. There is no factual evidence of fraud taking place. Sure exceptions have always occurred, but fraud has never been a problem in modern elections. Why all of a sudden it is? I don't agree with my party that is very difficult to get a valid id, but at the same time why is there a solution to a problem that doesn't exist? They only conclusion I can rationally come to terms with is to make it harder for people to vote.    

Democrats/ liberals fight for the little guy. That is why I am one and will always be one. We need an effective 2 part system. A ying/yang so to speak. The one provides the check and balance for the other. This country needs to get back to that instead of the "if your not for me, you are against me" mentality.    

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