Friday, May 27, 2016

TSA screwed

Fliers should be enraged! After 9/11, a tax was implemented on every airline ticket to pay for the TSA. It is supposed to be a self-funded program. An independent funding stream to pay for what ever needs arise. As air travel gets busier, the funding pot increases, when it slows down, the pot recedes. This give the TSA a way to maintain staff.

However, did you know, in 2014, Congress raised the fees AND diverted funds from this account to pay down debt? We need to be enraged. A seemingly independent system that is self-funded was once again dismantled by Congress to play short-term political gain. Darryl Issa is in fact now spinning this problem and pushing for TSA work to be independent contractors to save money. My God, wasn't this the reason 9/11 occurred? We left it up to contractors to screen and we had very limited resources put into security!

We all need to write our Congress and Senate lawmakers and restore the funding stream towards its original intent. Stop screwing the American people!

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