Wednesday, May 4, 2016

President Trump?!

Being liberal on my views, I have looked at horror, disdain, and even a little amusement at the cannibalism of the current Republican party. In about 6 short years, the party has gone from the Reagan era to the Tea Party to implosion.

I make no qualms that Obama gave rise to the Tea Party. The non-partisan approach he passed and implemented the affordable care act created a political schism that I have never seen before. Along with the rise of the Tea Party, social media, so called liberal media, and Fox News created a 24/7 news cycle. We no longer would read about the days events the next day in our newspapers. No instead it was live streamed, to our pockets on our phones or on our computer screens while we worked. It is the Information Age to the Nth power.      

This created an environment of deep scrutiny. Our politicians were able to raise their hands in disgust about a certain bill or movement taking place, but then were able to quietly work and negotiate with the opposing party. But because of the Tea Party's close scrutiny, if you didn't stand tall, you were against them. It was a race to be more Conservative and if you weren't we will find someone that can be. It became a "No" party. If the President wants this, no. If it raises taxes, no. If it doesn't slash spending, no. If they are for it, we are against it. The Democrats gave up and followed suit.

A truly functioning two party system allows compromises. Our dysfunctional government won't change unless compromises are allowed. Both sides are currently guilty of this. But the GOP has had their foot on the break for 6 years and hasn't even pumped it once.

So that leaves us with Trump. Trump IS the crazy uncle that you cringe to listen to at family events. Deep down inside, some of the things he says you agree with, but you just shake your head. He is the candidate that can truly bring about change. The change that I see that he wants to bring about isn't what we really want though.

I want, this country needs, a President that acts Presidential. I want someone that has the best interests of all the people, not just angry white Americans. I want someone that can work with both parties. Bridge the divide, instead of dynamiting the bridge. All Republicans look back at Reagan as the high water mark for the party. Well he was called the Great Communicator for a reason. He appealed to both parties. He brought people together. He wanted a United State.

After this election, both parties will need to reevaluate their stands. I have been shocked and amazed at our country and its politics. At first the Tea party obstructed everything. Then 2 years later, they couldn't change anything and we brought even more conservative politicians in. They now control both the House and the Senate. We must realize the only way we can unjam the lock is to vote more moderate politicians, not more Liberal or more Conservative, or whatever Trump is.

Trumps rise should not shock us. It is not a Conservative movement he is rising on, it is our insecurities. It is our fear of change. It is our wanting to bring things back to the way we were: a prosperous nation. First we need a government that functions.

We need to fix the roads and bridges we drive on. We need to have a fair school system that everyone, no matter what school they go to, has the same education. We need our government to run and efficiently. That doesn't mean to slash its budget. We need to invest in retraining our people that lose their jobs. We need to enhance the system of entrepreneurial programs.

Listen, our country will never, ever be the manufacturing powerhouse it once was. The world is now a truly global economy. We need to adapt to those realities. Lost manufacturing jobs never come back. But if we train our workforce to meet the other demands like healthcare, technology, and engineering, we will have a stronger nation.

Rhetoric, no matter how much it is something you want to here, is still rhetoric. That is what I see so many people latching on to Trump and is why it is a flawed reason in backing him. As a Liberal, my choices are limiting as well. It is a bitter pill to swallow that good politicians, on both sides were drowned out. I would have preferred it that Martin O'Malley should have been the Democratic nominee. In a General election, I would have voted for someone like Rubio, Kasich, or maybe even Bush instead of Hillary Clinton. I can not vote for Trump.    


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