Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I support

I support cops.

I support victims of cops.

Being a son of a hard working retired cop, I understand the stress and danger that is inherit with the job. They put their lives on the line for every single one of us. They protect and serve and keep our society from becoming lawless. Like soldiers, they are unsung heroes. At the same time, as with any group, there will always be a small percentage of people that tarnish their profession. There are bad cops and that will never change. But this is a small portion of these professionals. Painting them with a broad stroke should never be done.

Statistically, crime is higher in poorer neighborhoods which in most instances the majority population are comprised of people of color.  Which in turn, crime rates are higher for people of color. Being a cop in these neighborhoods, like it or not, will create a bias in their attitudes. Nature and nurture will create this bias no matter who you are. We know this is true about us.

This creates profiles/ stereotypes. In many instances profiles and stereotypes are true. Many times they aren’t. The police officer that can distinguish between the two are the better cops. Those that can’t have a tendency to carry over that bias into their actions and jobs. If you are innocent and are law abiding, you should never have to worry about the police. However, because some police do use a broad stroke when they paint their stereotypes, their actions can be abusive. When that happens, everyone can agree that the police step over that line and should be held accountable for those actions.

It is sad that this country is still divided by race. It is a shame we still need to be having this conversations. We have not come very far when a Presidential candidate broad strokes a whole nationality as being criminals and rapists. Rhetoric aside, as a country we need to look at ourselves and really determine this is who we are. We need to see with are eyes wide open and listen intently with our ears. Take action to remedy this. Not pay lip service. We must love each other, not tear each other down.

Criminals that run and/or try to fight though, I have no sympathy for if they get hurt or god-forbid die. If they weren’t doing the crime, they wouldn’t need to run or fight. We as a country need to support our police while still holding the bad police actors accountable. We can support both efforts, not just one side or the other. Listen, see, maybe pray and act. Maybe then we can be a country that can move forward.  

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