Monday, December 5, 2016

Why I doubt I will ever be a Republican

The biggest reason I just can't support most GOP candidates are the social issues that the fervent supporters have supported. I am a Christian, but my religious beliefs should not be willed upon others. Being against rights against any class of people in this country should not be a part of the Republican Party's platform. Kind of what goes hand-in-hand with the social issues are the economic policies. Defunding programs that are against their beliefs is against what our constitution states.  

Some may say that being a Liberal Christian is incongruent. As a Christian we are supposed to spread the word of the Lord. Even when others don't agree, we need to be resolute on our beliefs. I think you can still do so, but not legislate that way. Our country was founded under the principles of religious freedom, not just Christian freedom. Like it our not, besides Christians, we have Jews, Muslims, Agnostics, Atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, Pagans, Unitarian Universalists, just to name the major religions in our country.

I know abortion opponents are mostly the religious Conservatives, but the GOP party stance is vehemently against all forms of abortion. If you are so opposed to abortions, then where is your support of these kids if they weren't aborted. Why are you against food stamp, housing assistance, welfare, better foster care/adoption services, universal healthcare, etc? A single low-income woman gets pregnant. It is the most agonizing decision she must make. If she can't even afford supporting herself and must keep a baby, how can she survive if she can't abort? This stance isn't pro-life, it is pro-fetus. Christians are supposed to take care of the less fortunate. They certainly aren't doing their fair share through their churches. That is why our social net is in place.  

Historically, trickle down economics, at best, has mixed results. This is the Reagonite Republicans want us to think that will save our economy. This is exactly what Trump is proposing. The thing is, it worked in the 80's, but Reagan also doubled our debt and ballooned our Defense budget. These cuts left a large disparity in low and middle income workers vs high wage earners. Tell me, are you better off than your parents were in the 80's? Chances are that the answer is no. This is a direct result of these trickle down policies. Sure there are exceptions, but I am not.

The other point about trickle down economics was when Reagan lowered tax rates, the top end was 70%. One Percenters were really getting screwed. He went from 70% down to 50% in his first 6 years. Then in '86 it went down to 28%. Of course freeing that much cash from the top would open more opportunities for others. As you can see, 42% increase in revenue for anyone would add more money to the economy. In contrast, today's highest rate is 39.6%. Would the 11.6% decrease have as much of an impact as 42%?  Also, keep in mind, which no one that professes to be behind Reagan's tax policies is that he cut out a lot of loopholes, built a bigger IRS to combat tax fraud, and doubled his deficit.

I, for one, think a more broad supply side approach would work better. Everyone gets a cut, not just the people at the top and not just for investments most people don't have. Supply side allows more money in everyone's pocket, not just at the top. Listen, the one thing that I can agree with Trump though is the personal and corporate tax rates. Lower the taxes and cut loopholes out. Everyone contributes their fair share, including the President.

I am so not against our Military. It is amazing the sacrifices that people will do for their country. I didn't serve because of my eyes. It precluded me from doing anything I wanted to do in the military. That is my biggest regret, that I didn't serve. I didn't feel like folding parachutes on a carrier was something I wanted to do. So if you are a Vet, thank you. With that said, the GOP's stance on military spending is unfathomable to me.

Our country spends more in military spending then the next 13 nations combined! Dwight Eisenhower warned about the follies of our military industrial complex system. We have yet to heed his warning. For example, the M1 Abrams tank. The Army and Marines have 9000 of these tanks. Since 2011, they have told Congress that they don't need more, but in each budget, more and more tanks are being forced upon the Army because Congress wants to keep General Dynamics in business, not because we need more tanks. Seriously, if you don't believe me, look this up.

But then let's see how our Veterans are taken care of. I don't think the VA, as long as I can recall, has ever been in good shape. We should be ashamed on how we take care of them. This is a big bipartisan gripe. Both parties are guilty of this. Medical advancements have come a long way which is fabulous, but that leads us to a VA that doesn't have the ability to adapt. We don't just cut off a leg and give the Vet crutches or a wheel chair and send them on their way. These new advancements provide quality care like never before seen, but we can't provide to them what they need.

Let's move some of that military wasteful spending to the VA. This is one program that I see needs more money. It needs to be streamlined and have the ability to restructure itself. When we have the next VA controversy, and we will in a year or two, we will lob off the heads up top, the ones we can fire, but yet keep the same body. The VA needs to be able to hire and fire differently. Let it function like a not-for-profit health system instead of a god awful bureaucracy. Instead the GOP will continue to nickel and dime this system and not fix anything, then the next crisis occurs, will frown upon everyone and wonder why it can't be fixed. Vets if I am way off base here, please feel to call me out.

I don't believe in everything that liberals are for. The pendulum swings way to the left and right on ideological stances on both sides right now. Why is a Centrist Republican or Democrat such a nasty thing to be? If we had more of them in each party, our country would be a better place. I always thought, when push came to shove, the middle is where everyone can agree. Where truly is the middle now?

 Our Constitution assure justice and equality for all, not just for some. You may not like the laws or the protections that some people like GLBT have or the religious freedoms others want like Muslims, but it is the country you signed up for. As a Liberal I will vote to fight for all, not just for some. Until the Republicans change course, that is why they won't have my vote.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

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