Friday, May 22, 2015

Biker thugs- is it a racial thing?

Over the past week, race once again has dictated narratives in the media. People have been scrutinizing the national media because of the coverage over the biker gang shootings. The narrative is that because they are white, they aren't being called thugs.

First of all, I think the word thug is a very generic term that I see can be interchanged with so many other terms like hooligan or any other negative connotation of unacceptable and probably illegal actions by individuals. Whites, blacks, men, and women can all be considered thugs. To me, it is not a specific person, it is about a specific person's action that make them a thug. By definition, a thug is a brutal ruffian or assassin. True in all instances, they all can be considered thugs. But I think modern day connotation just means a person causing a brutal act.

When it comes to the bikers, I see it very differently. I see, and probably wrongfully so, that biker gangs are even more brutal than the generic term of thug. When I see biker gang, Hell's Angels come to mind along with the brutality exuded by these men. They are cold-blooded killers that kill to make a point. Their disregard for someone's life is evident. That to me is worse than a thug.

These biker gangs were there to cause trouble, pick fights, and hurt/kill people. That is my initial thoughts without delving down deeper. If that narrative holds true, I don't know. But for me, I see biker gangs as the definition brutal, lawless, disregard-for-life kind of people, not as a mere thug.

But back to the "thugs" in places like Ferguson and Baltimore. I have no doubt that the population in these communities have lived under or perceived that the police and or the community has marginalized them. Protests change the world. It is a small minority within these groups that ruin the movements though. Some people just want to see the world burn, thrive on anarchy. Looting is an unfortunate side effect of mass protesting. Thugs see the opportunity is there and take it.

Right or wrong, we as a nation need to look at the underlying issues that are creating these problems eg, poverty concentration which then in turn naturally begets segregation, income disparity, and education gaps. Until we are ready to tackle these issues, these racial tensions will get worse.    

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