Thursday, September 19, 2013

House GOP at it again....this time they are taking food out of children's mouths!

Charlie Dent and the rest of the House GOP Caucus should be ashamed of themselves. They voted over 40 times to stop “Obamacare” instead of letting it become law. If the law is broke, fix it. If you oppose it, propose a workable solution. With a Democratic-run Senate, moves like that are only symbolic. They complained for years that the Senate did not pass a budget. When they did, now the GOP is blocking the bill to go to conference. Partisanship is getting old. What happened to working together for the betterment of the country, not for the betterment of your base?

Now the latest comes down to the Farm Bill. For decades, the Farm bill had both legislation for farm subsidies and food stamps. That is the only way both Republicans and Democrats can agree. It is called compromise and (Gasp) Bipartisanship! Earlier this year, in their first bill, the GOP bloated the subsidies and slashed the food stamps allocation. This bill failed spectacularly because it was too bloated in subsidies, even for the GOP and it cut too much from food stamps for the Democrats to get behind. Now the latest thinly-veiled grand-stand bill was to slash a food stamp only bill. The House GOP, including Charlie Dent, passed the bill with a whopping $40 billion slash in cuts! Part of the bill requires that people on assistance get a job. In case you didn't notice, we are well over 7% unemployment, which in any other downturn, would be considered still be in a recession. 

I am a volunteer at The Pennsylvania Avenue Interfaith Food Pantry. We provide direct food assistance to low-income people. Do you know what the faces of these people look like? They are grandmothers; they are children (over 40% of people receiving assistance are kids); they are the unemployed or underemployed. They are anyone that goes hungry. Are people defrauding the system? Are we feeding too many hungry people? It is just food, a basic necessity. Are people abusing this system? Maybe some, they may have gotten an extra jar of Peanut Butter. GASP! By slashing this money, you are directly taking food out of mouths. Nothing more or less!

If you think this is outrageous and want to reverse this, try doing the following:
Call or write Charlie Dent or whoever your representative is!
September is Hunger Awareness Month! Click here to find out other ways to help the hungry! 
Or just maybe take the #SNAPChallenge by eating on $4.50 a day. 

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