Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why should I Twitter?

To many, Twitter seems like another unnecessary technology. Why should you want to have a Twitter account? You don't want to learn about Ashton Kutcher's dinner or what Paris Hilton is doing tonight. It is much more than an extension of a texting service or microblog site. Here are my top five reasons why you should take up Twitter:

1) Shopping- If you like to search for quick and easy shopping deals, all large retailers tweet deals frequently. Twitter only deals especially by travel companies like JetBlue tweet deals daily and are snatched up quickly. Could you use a $59 fair to Vegas? Of course you do!

2) News- Again news sources tweet news frequently throughout the day. The quick 140 character tweets provide a lot of information. But if you want to read more news sites tweet with a link to the full story. You no longer have to go to their websites for an update; it is sent to you.

3) Trending topics- The top tweeting trends of the moment show an your main page. If someone or something is making news, you can see what others are saying about them. No need to pick up that National Enquirer again!

4) Sports- If you are a casual fan, fantasy sports player, or avid fan, twitter is for you. Most teams update throughout games in real-time. Want to see the score or what inning/quarter the game is in, just check twitter.

5) Funny- If you need a laugh, follow your favorite comedian, actor, or anyone else of interest to you.

Twitter is really fun for anyone that wants to be entertained or want to keep up to date on any topic. You don't have to tweet unless you want to. It is really fun to watch others tweet.

If you do log in to Twitter, here is a couple of quick things you need to know. If you want to tweet about another user, just write @and their username and that will include them in your tweet. For example my user name is cupde1. So if you wanted to include me in a tweet you would add @cupde1 to your tweet. The other thing you need to know is what a hashtag is. If you see a tweet with for an # and a word after it, that is a hashtag. This is liking putting a tab on your tweet. For example if you put #upallnight, you can write a tweet and get others to write on your same subject by adding that hashtag. This is how trends are started. Many companies use this in marketing to get people to gravitate to their tweets.  By the way, just like the the internet, porn is plentiful so be careful if you see #nsfw. That tag means "not safe for work".

Explore Twitter, you just might like it.

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