Monday, April 18, 2011

Almost half of US households do not pay Federal Taxes!!

The GOP party says that we are overspending! I think it is under taxing! Or a little of both!?  45% of US households do not have to pay taxes! Tax loop holes are causing this issue. Statistically speaking, this percentage is the highest it has been since the 1950's. I agree that we have gone on a spending spree and need to slow it down, but more people should be sharing the burden of paying taxes. Now is the time for a flat rate tax. Everyone pays the same percentage. No deductions. It is what it is.

That will never happen because the rich control the law makers. Accountants would be out of business. We'd cut down on the size of the IRS. If everyone shares the burden, it may end up you get just as much tax burden as you have now. More people paying taxes, the less your taxes will be.

Why should the few shoulder the burden for all?  

Listen to this NPR segment to learn more:
NPR- 45% of households don't pay taxes!


  1. This is a myth -


  2. That compares apples to oranges on your comparison. This refers to the Federal Income tax, not all Federal taxes. Income tax rates are mis-aligned.