Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Budgets, Budgets, Budgets

Budgets is all we hear now when it comes to politics. Not only do we hear it about our Federal Budget, but we also hear it on state and municipal fronts as well. One thing is certain on every single budget is that no one has the right answer. Because of the severe economic crisis our country is starting to poke its head out of, everyone is being decimated.

If we look at the Federal budget issues, one thing is clear. A long fight is ahead. Republicans have always wanted less government and may get their way. Many discretionary spending of programs like Public Broadcasting is going to be eliminated. The thing is that when the Republicans chop of a program. People lose jobs. Our number one priority should be to generate a positive environment for job growth. Not cut jobs anywhere, right now. If you want to cut programs, what until the economy picks up and can absorb those jobs.

The Federal Government is also hurting the state and local governments as well. If you freeze spending or cut spending to this governments, again jobs get lost. State Governments are now forced to cut their work forces when they are need the most. State Governments can not borrow like the Federal Government can. So states are forced to cut jobs and programs. The ones that are cut the most are the ones that hurt the most people, the marginalized poor. It is true that states governments are also funded through their taxes so it is either raise taxes or cut, so they cut. Same goes with the local governments.

Now it seems like Education is being chopped up too. We lag many countries, but yet we cut. This short sightedness will create balanced budgets, but again allows us to slip down the ladder of competitiveness. If we can't compete, we were continue to rely on other nations to provide us with the products and goods.

Don't stand by and sit on the sidelines while our country's budget is ripped apart. Invest in our future, foster innovation, create jobs, then cut the deficit. Now is not the time to pull back. It is time to invest in our country. How did we get out of the Great Depression? By investing in our future. We built roads. Re-invest in our infrastructure. Get more people on the payroll, then the deficit will actually start to decline on its own. Remember the more people work, the more taxes that are collected. It is an easy concept that no one gets. Write your politicians to right this course!

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  1. Oh gosh ... if only "my" politicians cared about anything other than getting re-elected!

    The biggest complaint I have is that it seems these newly-elected governors FIRST give giant tax breaks to corporations, THEN cut jobs to make up for the loss of revenue. It certainly is trying to happen here in Florida, ditto in Wisconsin.

    I'm with you when it comes to education! Why are our politicians so short-sighted that they constantly rip funds from education? Where do they think our future lies? In stupid children???? Sad.