Friday, October 8, 2010

LGBT- One step forward, two steps back

Just when you think the world and this country is evolving, incidents happen that make us rethink this. Tyler Clementi has become a poster child for all that is wrong with us. I truly believed that his room mate never thought that his actions would have ever pushed Tyler Clementi to his breaking point to commit suicide, but it did.

We will never know Clementi's pain. I am sure that he had issues way before this incident occurred. The LGBT community is another persecuted group that has had to persevere through hatred and misunderstanding by hostile and narrow-minded beliefs of others. Being a teenager is already tough, let alone being a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered teen.

This suicide proves that malicious actions by the few can have catastrophic effects. It can ruin lives. It can tear apart families. No one should have to be discriminated against. It is time to get beyond hating people or hurting people because they are different.

This incident needs to serve as a collective pause for all of us out there that may seemingly make an off-color remark, giving quick jabs of sarcasm, or taking any salacious actions against others. Many times it is our default, knee-jerk reactions to situations that cause the most harm. It is a time for us to reflect on this acts that we may perform and re-think the effects that these actions have on others. We all are guilty of this. We just need to internally re-assess ourselves and try to change.

Hopefully if we pause and contemplate our actions and the actions of others, we can change this world through tolerance and acceptance. Please reflect.

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