Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ode to a Daycare

For the second time in less than a year a significant event has occurred in this household as a direct result of the economy. Last fall, my wife lost her job because of budget cuts. She was out of work for several months, but fortunately for us, she found a new job. Now as the school season has begun, our daughter attending First Grade and our youngest just started Pre-K classes at his daycare, we are again hit by the economy.

The same week our youngest officially started Pre-K, the school gives us a two-week notice that they will be closing. Their reason is the economy. To be honest, I am not surprised, but my wife is. Time and time again, I walk through the daycare and so fewer and fewer children. When we started at this school, things were very different.

This school had two locations. We had both of our kids at the one location. When we started, I got the impression that they were almost to their capacity at both sites. Then, after about a year, we were told that that site was going to shutdown and everyone was going to be transferred to the other location. During this contraction, I noticed that they had to let a couple of people go. At the new site, it started to seem stable, but after several months, several other staff was let go.

This daycare facility, through the changes, appeared to be adjusting. Unfortunately, I believe that the economy contributed to the number one reason that they were losing kids. Some other parents I talked to also felt that some staff may have contributed to some parents taking their kids elsewhere as well. Either way it is a shame that a business like this had to meet its demise.

Now we are stuck trying to secure a daycare in the next couple of weeks, while the staff has to struggle with the inevitability that they will not have jobs. I know the owner has struggled over the past couple of years to keep it going and I feel sorry for her and her staff. To the owner and staff of Daycare in the Park, good luck. You have been a big part in shaping my children's lives. Forever me and my family will be grateful for everything you have taught them.

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