Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blockbuster- Another Icon falls

Is anyone really surprised that Blockbuster declared bankruptcy? For years they rode high. They were the number one outlet to go to when you needed a video. Unfortunate, a bunch of Mom and Pop stores went under because of this competitor.

I remember walking into these stores on a weekly basis. It was interesting to see people doing the Blockbuster Shuffle. Trying to face the New Release shelves with your head tilted, side-stepping to the right. Sometimes you wanted to be different and through a cog in the works and started on the left!

To be honest, I am surprised they are still around. I don't know anyone using them any more. Netflix, Redbox, and Gamefly already offer a cheaper alternative. Price was always the issue with them. How many times were we hit with late fees. Many times more than the initial rental cost.
Once Netflix and Redbox came along, Blockbuster should have changed course. When they finally came around, their home delivery program pales into the conglomerate that Netflix has now. Redbox, the same thing. Blockbuster Kiosks are around, like the Redbox. But they can no longer get the precious supermarket real estate the Redbox scarfed up. The only place I see them are convenience stores.

The way we view media is changing now and the just are not competitive. When Netflix started streaming, I knew it was the beginning of the end. That end is near. If they are able to pull out of bankruptcy, where do they go? What can they do to turn things around? Unfortunately, I believe it is too little too late now for them. 

I feel bad for the employees of these stores and hope the best for them. Hopefully it won't be a prolonged death. Let's hope that it will be a quick death.

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