Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are you ready for some Eagles football?

Once again, a Philadelphia sports team has solidified my reasons for not cheering for them. A week and a half ago, Michael Vick jumped in for the injured Kevin Kolb. Kolb struggled for the first half of the game he played and got hurt. Then Vick re-energized the team and almost came from behind to win that game.

At that time, Coach Reid stated that Kolb was the starter. I questioned that response because if someone plays well, why bench him? I know that they think Kolb is the future. But, Vick was clearly in control of the game; Kolb was not.

Then Sunday came and Vick started because Kolb was still injured. Vick played a great game. Then on Monday, Reid restated his case the Kolb was the quarterback. Then a day later, Reid comes out and said Vick is the starter.

Reid, once again, has jerked the rug from another player. He did it with McNabb and now with Kolb. I am all for the move with Vick. I am not for the way the Eagles and Reid handle these decisions. These management decisions are debilitating to the morale. It does not work in any other business. A leader needs to make a decision and stick to it. If that decision is wrong, change the course, but do it at the right time. Be decisive.

The Eagles shipped the wrong person out of town. It should have been Reid instead of McNabb. I just hope that this season McNabb will bury the Eagles when they play. BTW, Here we go Steelers, Here we go!! At least they are winning without a healthy or suspended quarterback!

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