Monday, August 9, 2010

Politics- It's a game changing time!

Remember when Arsenio Hall and MTV were political game changers? Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s with cable television, politics molded and warped our minds. As a child, I remember sitting by the television wondering and praying that President  Reagan would be ok. I also remember as a child how Presidents too often would pre-empt my favorite prime time shows with some propaganda that only my parents were interested in. Then as a got older and out of high school, Bill Clinton and George H Bush started battling out for President.

This was my first election that I had interest in and could vote in. I remember seeing then-Governor Clinton playing saxophone on the hottest late night show of that time, Arsenio Hall. I can also remember that town hall meeting style forum MTV created when Clinton agreed to participate. Sure we had the boxers or briefs question or the “I did not inhale” answer, but it also was a candid look at the personality of this politician. We felt a connection with him. Bush seemed out of touch. That’s why Clinton won.

Since then, almost twenty years have passed and boy have this game changed. Our 24/7 always on society is bad for politics. Some may say that this society demands the transparency, but I think that too much information is a bad thing. The politics of politics is very smarmy, seedy part of society that we only saw a small glimpse into only a few years ago. Now, depending upon what side you favor, you can get a slant on anything.

Politicians actions, more so than ever, are carefully plotted. For every action, they know that they will create a reaction. This is why certain party lines are held and seemingly no action is taken. I, like many of Americans, do not like to be lumped into Conservative/Liberal categories. My views and beliefs lay somewhere in between these very strict interpretive categories. I will admit it that my beliefs are more liberal than conservative, but I am not drawn towards either of these political parties.

I agree and understand why people are gravitating to the Tea Party Movement, but to me it just seems like an off-shoot of an even more Conservative Republican party.  When Democrats want change they change it in dramatic fashion. Because they are in control now, a lot has changed. Republicans, instead of creating alternate, more compelling legislation, they  are wagging their fingers at the Democrats saying you shouldn’t do that.

I agree that some Democratic changes have not been for the good, but some has. I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans. I look at the particular politician and the impact that that person brings to the table. Right now, Democrats seem scared and are playing a “Prevent Defense”. I am not happy were the Democrats are right now.  Obstructionist Republicans are not winning me over either. The “wait until November”  approach is already leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

If it wasn’t for these technological marvels that we have now, we would not be forced to be immersed in this political onslaught of information. I think these politicians would be acting differently if they were not under the microscope. Maybe, just  maybe then the two political parties could come together and work nice together. That’s a pipedream. But at least get some bi-partisanship together. 

Back to the Clinton/ Bush matchup. Remember we had a third party candidate back then. Ross Perot that little guy with the big ears shouting about. He helped Clinton by eating up the conservative support that was going to go to Bush in the election. Back then, we thought a third party was going to take shape, but never did. It seems to me that Perot only used this platform for his own self-interests instead of making a viable third party.

Now is the time for a true third-party to take shape. As I stated Tea Parties are seemingly being assimilated into the Republican Party and doesn’t seem to me to be a viable party.  Other  Independent parties are designed for specific purposes and wouldn’t be viable for all of today’s concerns. Now we need another party that tows the lines with the rest of America. We need a party that is in the middle. The two political party extremes are too extreme. I currently find no political party representing me, just their own self-interests.  

However, I do not know if any changes could take place now. Because of blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other digital means, the scrutiny that a politician is now confronted with, a true game changing personality that could lead this charge may never want to come forward. If political game changers like FDR or JFK were in today’s politics, they would have been lamb-basted and would never be elected.  That leaves us with what we have. I hope that I am wrong. 

I would love to see a game changer, but unfortunately the current "always on" media mentality will keep truly innovative, risk-taking political minds from becoming mainstream!  

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