Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mosque- To be or not to be that is the question

I cannot understand why the proposed Mosque by the World Trade Center site is causing so much controversy. The WTC site is very holy ground for this country. I agree with that. Muslim terrorists  brought these NYC monuments crashing down. America, especially New York, has a deep distrust for all Muslims. However, this feeling of distrust is misplaced.

Extremists Muslims have used their religion as their guiding principal. These are the people that we need to be concerned about, not pedestrian practicing Muslims. The overwhelming majority of Muslims in this country are the people we live next to and work with. They are Americans, just like the Christians, the Jewish, the Hindus, the Buddhists, and any other religion in the United States. Do you know that Islamic (Muslim) Religion is the second largest practicing religion in the world? Practicing Muslims equate to 1.5 billion people. Christians come in first at 2.1 billion. This is a lot of people to lump into one category.

Muslims, that worked side-by-side with everyone in the Trade Centers, died there as well. They were innocent victims like the rest of the fallen. Other religions have places just as close to the WTC site as this proposed Mosque is. I get it that it is a holy ground, but this fight is unwarranted. One of the founding principles of this nation was religious freedom, right? Why can we not allow these people to practice their religion?

I actually feel ashamed for the way the politicians have used this as their platform issues. In this circumstance,the GOP is using the same scare tactics that GW used to attack Iraq. Poor Dick Cheney, if he wasn’t so sick I am sure he’d be chomping at the bits to discuss this situation. Some Democrats are now jumping on the bandwagon now as well. I personally think they are jumping on this bandwagon so they can save face and get re-elected. My opinion here is  that they feel this way: “If the public feels that this Mosque is bad, maybe I shouldn’t go against the grain this election season”.  CYA!!
The largest religion, Christians, have a lot of extremists that scare me far more than Muslims. The Christians that breed hate in this country like the ones that protest against military funerals, bread hate towards gays, or other supposed “Christians” that take one line in the Bible and create a religious basis on that one ideal is scary.

If we do not start embracing religious freedom, especially with the Muslim community what can we expect? We are providing fodder for Muslims to be turned off by us. How much easier could it be to turn on this country and agree with these extremist views? The WTC site and NYC is not the only area in this country that is opposed to a Mosque. Time and time again, ever since 9/11, Americans have fought both legally and illegally with new Mosques being built. Spend a little time researching these issues before you jump on this bandwagon. NPR recently did a story on this very subject and is very enlightening.

Please I implore you to look at the real issues here. Don’t jump on the bandwagon in lumping all Muslims together. Yes, the people that attacked us were Muslim, but the majority of the Muslim world do not feel the same way as these extreme religious zealots do. Remember Hitler came to power in Germany because he portrayed Jews in very similar light. 


  1. It does not matter to me either, I believe our country stands on the freedom of religion. If we all in this world work together it would be a better place. When you have others that keep putting others down for what they believe in that is not good. My God always says to do into others as you would have them do into you. I think if you believe in the Freedom here there should not be trouble like we have. I think too that is the problem we try to push our religion on others and not except what they believe in that is the trouble. When you have others that are somewhat different from us we have somewhat a bias agains that person.
    We should all pull to the good of things not fight agains things.
    That is the way it is with the politics. Why can't they work together and insteat of fighting on who is ahead of things and look to the country of our nation.
    It is hard for anyone to know who to vote for on either side they say one thing and do another at times. I see it on both sides over the years and lets be a country that is for the people of all race and be Americans the right way for all.

  2. This further solidifies my points! Were are giving them another reason to hate the USA!