Friday, October 7, 2011

10 years and counting......

10 years ago we invaded Afghanistan. We are still there with a supposed end in sight in 2014. What was the cost? We spent trillions on the two wars and Homeland Security. Thousands of lives were lost. We through the countries we invaded into civil wars. We have angered the Middle East more just by occupying these areas. At what point are we going to say maybe we went at this wrong?

We are safer now than before, but for how long? Once we leave it looks like Iran is just waiting to go into Afghan again. We have not won over the hearts and minds of these countries. We brought death and destruction to these people. I will not argue the fact that we got rid of some very bad people that were trying to harm us. But the way we did it is leaving scars on the bystanders in these places.

No matter how much money we spend over there to rebuild, their beliefs won’t change towards us. We need to cut our losses now. We should have taken a scalpel, not a machete. We are the strongest, best trained and funded military in the world, but we don’t learn from our mistakes. We went into Vietnam to change them. That didn’t work. It is not working with the extreme Muslim community. In fact, it has deepened their resolve.

One of the biggest reasons of our nation’s debt is because of the wars. We conducted 2 years in ten years, plus are trying to liberate Libya. We don't need to cut domestic spending anymore. We need to end these wars. We need to bring our troops home. Defend our country in our country.

Our military budget is even bigger than everyone else combined! That is insane. We need a strong military, I agree. But that is just too bloated! We need to stop being the world’s police and just concentrate on us, on our well-being, our economy, our jobs! Why do we have to be everywhere, all the time? We can’t afford it.   

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