Monday, September 5, 2011

Right time for a Third Party Candidate!?!

It wasn't too long ago that we thought a big change was going to occur. In 2008, we breathed a collective sigh of relief. We wanted a President that was not as narrow-minded, seemingly inept, and conservative as GW Bush, right? Then we voted in Barack Obama. We wanted the change he wanted to bring. The thing about change though is that for us to accept change, it must be evolutionary, not revolutionary.

When Democrats took charge, they pushed their partisan agenda. They pushed healthcare through. They pushed a consumer protection agency through. They really upset the apple cart. That truly made us angry. So the pendulum swung back to the other side. Now we are stuck with dysfunction. The Tea Partiers  think that if they can't get their agenda through, nothing will get through. Then Obama caved. He gave in to appease the Tea Party. Now we can't go back.

So now we have 2012 to look forward to. We have a limp Democratic President that can't lead his party, let alone the nation's politics. On the GOP side, we have candidates that must align themselves with the Tea Party movement or risk being branded against them. So we can either vote for a Democrat that can't seem to make a stand. He wants to please all and ends up pleasing no one. Or you have the Cut Government, Cut taxes platform. Neither seems appetizing at the moment.

So is now a ripe time to pick a Third Party Candidate? Can't a President be right in the middle? Right along the Moderate line? We used to think that traditional Presidents could do it. They actually used to. Clinton, fiscally, had more conservative stances than the GOP at the time. GW provided that partisan was the way to go and has been since then.

Now is the time for someone to stand up and say hey we can balance the budget through tax cuts and raise taxes. We can develop governmental policies that protect our people and environment while not putting too much restriction on business. We need someone to say we have or will have far more seniors that will be using Medicare and Social Security. These pots are going to shrink no matter what, so we need to make changes.

I truly hate the politics of politics. No one will say what needs to be said, just what they need to say to get elected. I hope that someone like a Ross Perot would run. I'd actually vote for someone like him this time around. Before you comment though, I am not interested in these fringe third party candidates, like the Green Party. I want a candidate that cuts the b.s. and tells the truth. Unfortunately that will not happen. 

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