Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Armageddon coming?!

So we are in the final hour. Supposedly, if a Debt Ceiling deal is not done by this time next week, the US will default on our loans. It is just amazing to me how we got here. Both sides are to blame for this, but neither side wants to take responsibility. GW Bush inherited a relative balance budget from Clinton. Then 9/11 occurred. Bush and the GOP decided to start writing blank checks for the wars and Homeland Security. Now almost ten years later and trillions of dollars spent on these programs, we wonder why we are in debt! 

Yes Democrats are to blame for this as well. They signed off on all the same programs. But I think it is unfair to blame the Democrats for these problems. Make this clear, debt cutting is job cutting. The more we restrict now, the worse our recovery will take. 

We should not be here doing this now. We should be creating a system that invests in the country. Create new jobs, get people to work. Then more taxes will come in to pay for these programs. Everyone in Washington playing chicken with America should be voted out. If you can't come together to get the job done, we will vote someone who can.

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