Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Politics as usual

Once again, we see that bi-partisanship is not going to work. Not now, not a month from now when the power shift changes. We are the only ones that are being held hostage!

Think about! First of all, tax-cuts. The GOP wants to keep the Bush Era Tax cuts in place. The Democrats want to keep it in place, but for mostly just the middle classes. The GOP went on a tirade to keep spending in check. By keeping these tax cuts permanent, we add to the deficit. What happened to their fiscal responsibility?

They are so set on keeping this agenda item in the forefront that the Senate is being held hostage until this bill is passed. I guess they are just more concerned to keep the rich rich and the marginalized marginalized. Don’t believe me? They are foregoing the unemployment extension bill. They do not care if 2 million lose some type of income between now and the end of the year while they are out of work.

Unemployment compensation has really been a saving grace in this economy. This money actually keeps people paying their bills and keeps the economy limping along until jobs are created. Without this bill, the economy will get worse. For those that do not have jobs may lead to them losing their homes because they have no means to sustain themselves. This helped us for the past two years so we did not slip deeper into a recession. It would be a lot worse without it.

Too much legislation was left for the Lame-Duck sessions, that is true. We can have the Democrats to blame for not pushing these items before the elections. But we also have the GOP to blame for dragging their feet. Tough times are ahead. Tough choices are going to be made. It will be interesting to see if they ever meet in the middle.

Each side needs a deal broker. A Democrat and a Republican that can reach across both aisles to get things done for the greater good of the country, not for their party. Say what you will, but a time like this needs another Senator like Ted Kennedy.

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