Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good Cop, bad Cop

The good cop, John Boehner, the heir-apparent for the GOP-led House, is taking a hard line approach with the President and the Democratic Party. Though, he has opened the door to compromise. Clearly, it is perceived that everything the Democrats have done, needs to be undone. This Speaker of the House is looking to do so. With a newly invigorated GOP, the perception is only half true. Surely, one of the reasons the GOP won big was because of the healthcare and the stimulus package. 

But the population is divided almost right down the middle about the healthcare bill. Half of us want it eliminated while the other half wants to keep or tweak it. The Stimulus Bill did contribute to the debt and is being disputed as to its effectiveness. I still believe that we would probably still in a downturn and have unemployment between 12-15 percent right now without it. 

The other reasons why the GOP came into power this cycle and that is the economy and discontent. Historically, whenever a Party is in the majority during an economic downturn gets booted, no matter who you are. But the biggest reason, I see that they came into power was to show discontent to the Democrats. They were in power and didn't play well with others. They didn't work together with the GOP. This created a big disconnect. If the GOP and Democrats don't work to solve this, we will have another correction next cycle. 

Boehner, clearly in charge, is rallying his party, but is still known for compromising. However, he was the one that was instrumental in creating the "No" Party that opposed everything the Democrats did. Now it is his turn to make it work. 

One monkey wrench in the system though. Many in GOP, especially the Tea Party Candidates want a repeal of everything Democratic. Compromise isn't in the cards and the bad cop, Mitch McConnell from the Senate, is leading that charge. Clearly, he has stated that he wants Obama as a one term President. This may play well within his own party, but this will come back to hurt him. 

The GOP has to no longer be the "No" Party and needs to be the "Yes, we did" party. But the only way that will work is if everyone plays together. With Boehner playing the relative Good Cop vs. McConnell's Bad Cop, compromise must work or they are bound for the same fate this past election cycle. 

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