Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Army of Androids

No, I am not talking about some sci-fi movie, but an army of Androids are growing! But I am talking about the much-hyped handheld operating system. Several years ago, Google foresaw this as a market that they needed to venture into. At the time, iPhone mania was taking the world by storm. However, everyone wondered why in the world the largest internet search engine business would want to dip their toes in this pool. One word: dominate.

Just like it took over the search engine world, Google has shown that they can upset the apple carts and make competitors keep looking over their shoulders at Google. Google beat Yahoo and Microsoft at the search engine. They thumbed their nose again at Microsoft when the built a free Microsoft Office compatible competitor. Everything that Google does to make our life easier also makes Google's life easier as well. How? Everything revolves around their search engine and "cloud".

Information is King and Google has a ton of it. Every search you have done with Google, every document you work on in Document, and even this blog is kept on their "Cloud". This "Cloud" allows their engine's metrics to learn more and customize more based upon your inputs. Is "Big Brother" watching us? Yes, and it is at Google. But I digress, this is a topic for another blog.

Back to Android. A year ago a couple of Android phones where on the market and showed few signs of life. A year later, practically every handset maker has a foray in this system. Why? Just like when Microsoft beat Apple in the personal computer market. Google now is posed to take down Apple again.

How is this possible? Apple has a superior product, right? Apple's iPhone is sleek and nearly flawless. Why are people venturing elsewhere? Well just like Microsoft did when it beat Apple, Google is allowing open development. This means that anyone can create a program to run on their phone.

Apple loves to control everything. They have stunted their growth in the computer business because of this. Apple has always consistently built a better product, but in mass we went with the PC because we could do whatever we wanted on a PC. The same holds true to the Android OS.

The same reasons we stuck with our ever crashing, security deficient, slow processing PC is because we can customize our computers. Now I can do the same thing with my Droid. The Android OS is flawed, but we do not care. We never will as long as we can show individuality. Show you individuality Android Army and listen to "Big Brother".

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